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Wirral Hypnotherapy WorksHypnotherapy in Wallasey.

Hypnotherapy with Phil Nettle

Thankyou for visting my website. I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. I have an extensive amount of experience of working with people having difficulties. I am a nationally qualified youth worker and have worked in the areas of homelessness, youth justice, addiction and mental health. I enjoy finding a way forward for people and work alongside them to get them where they want to be.



Hypnotherapy can enable people to move forward away from a vast range of issues. It is particularly good at building confidence and self esteem. I am a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist offering treatments to people in the Wirral area. I am also a certified EFT practitioner. EFT otherwise known as tapping is a powerful therapy which can be used on its own or with hypnotherapy.



Feel free to call me at 07827 331332 or use the contact form.


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