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Why is having hypnotherapy a good way to quit smoking?

Nicotine is a very addictive substance. The effects of smoking on health are now, well known yet people find it very difficult to stop. The withdrawl associated with giving up smoking is often enough to lead people to start again. Nicotine induces pleasure and reduces stress, it is known to trigger the release of the feelgood neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Whilst nicotine is not the most toxic of the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes it is known to be toxic.


Patches, inhalators, chewing gum and now e cigarettes all deliver a dosage of nicotine. This provides  a regulated and hopefully reduced dosage of nicotine to allow a person to withdraw gradually from nicotine.


So where does hypnotherapy fit into all this. To stop smoking you must really want to stop. It's no good coming because somebody else wants you to stop smoking.


If you come to have hypnotherapy treatment with me  to quit smoking, I will first of all talk to you about your motivation and confidence to quit. I will talk to you about when and why you smoke.  The key with hypnotherapy is the power of positive suggestion. Through hypnotherapy I will help you to develop and strengthen your will to succeed. This is the advantage that nicotine replacement cannot give you. I will help you overcome past connections with smoking to forge new healthy connections with being a non smoker.  I will also give you the skills to prevent relapse.


This is a powerful package. The treatment takes approximately two hours and the results can be life changing and life long.

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