Wirral Hypnotherapy Works Hypnotherapy in Wallasey.
Wirral Hypnotherapy WorksHypnotherapy in Wallasey.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypno therapy creates unconscious changes in the mind which come in the form of new behaviours, feelings and thoughts. This makes the potential for change with hypnotherapy massive.




To carry out hypnotherapy a person is put into hypnosis, which is a naturally occuring state. Think of it being somewhat like daydreaming, a pleasant state. A person under hypnosis can display characteristics and abilities unique from a person not hypnotized. These include an increase in suggestibility and responsiveness.


What does it feel like?


Hypnosis is a pleasant state. It is a state of high relaxation. A person under hypnosis remains aware of what is going on around them but may feel very light. As the hypnosis is deepened a person may feel like they are almost floating.


The therapy


The hypnotherapist carries out therapy by communicating with the unconscious mind. the unconscious mind contains all the memories we have ever had. This makes it extremely powerful.

Suggestions are made to the unconscious mind by the hypnotherapist which act to bring about changes in behaviour, feelings and thoughts. Hypnotherapy can be extremely powerful, enabling a person to make change in fundamental areas of their life.


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